Voxel Records is a tiny wee net label that promotes original electronic music. We were created by Mel and Thom in 2001 to support the release of the debut EP So Called Science by Varjak, on a format known as the compact disc. Since then, the label has become a means to release any project which passes through the Red Six studio.

Mel is a songwriter with a sublime vocal talent, and is also closely linked to synth gurus Expert Sleepers. Her academic qualifications stretch longer than the arms of Mr. Tickle, and when not attending to musical projects she travels the world as a professoress of something artistically technical for a reputable university.

Thom is an engineer/producer/musician who grew up with the live music scene in Glasgow, Scotland. Here, he provided services for bands peddling indie, lo-fi, punk and jazz sounds. He has twiddled knobs, hit round things with sticks, bigged-up or in some way provided support for many acts, including RM Hubbert and Alex Kapranos. These days he mainly meddles with music production, particularly electronic gear and drums of any kind. He has also contributed to successful indie club nights in Glasgow and London, written for London events guide Kultureflash and designed various bits of internet.

Voxel Records does not exist purely to release music from its own artists. We actively search out new sounds made by emerging producers, and share what we find through our monthly celebration of diverse musical creativity. We lean towards the likes of bit-pop, synth-wave, dnb - and of course the weird and wonderful world of electronica - but we are open to a wide variation in styles.

Obviously, it always helps for us to make a sale or receive a bit of airplay, but we're happy if we can share our work and that of others with the world. Why not dive in and join us?

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